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Studies show that although we’re more comfortable than previous generations, our happiness levels are not higher. Why? Because comfort does not lead to happiness; comfort leads to boredom. Being in a state of “Flow” is what leads to happiness.“Flow” is when we are so focused and engrossed in what we’re doing that we don’t even feel time passing. The activity becomes intrinsically meaningful and valuable. Now imagine taking that and applying it to everything you do in your life. 

The Unlocking Greatness spotlight features Mario Herger, CEO, founder and partner of Enterprise Gamification Consultancy LLC, a strategic consulting group focused on gamification, innovation, social business, and “intrapreneurship” in the enterprise. Charlie and Mario explore how to make work and life more fun, productive and engaging by applying the concepts we enjoy when we play games.

The show concludes with a Q&A from #TheAskCharlieShow on overcoming boredom and living with purpose. 

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The fourth season premiere of The Boardroom kicks off with a discussion on the phenomena of Voluntary Discomfort and how it leads to a better, more productive life. Contrary to popular belief and attitudes, it’s not comfort that we should be looking forward to, but discomfort. In this week’s show, we take a deeper look at how being comfortable with being uncomfortable molds our psyche and stretches us to be greater and achieve more than we feel we are currently capable of.


Mark Owen, author of No Easy Day and former Navy SEAL, who is partially responsible for the capture of Osama Bin Ladin explains the value of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. He is followed by Mikey Davis who discusses the recent presidential debate, and an Unlocking Greatness spotlight on air force pilot Rob Waldo Waldman who trained himself to overcome his claustrophobia despite the mental discomfort involved. The show finishes off with a Q&A from #TheAskCharlieShow on tools to stay positive day to day.

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In the season finale of The Boardroom, Charlie opens the show by paying respect to Nicholas Winton, a British businessman who, in 1939, organized the rescue of 669 children destined for Nazi concentration camps. 


In the "In the News with Michael Davis" segment, Charlie and Michael discuss the end of bubble wrap and the crisis in Greece. 


The "Unlocking Greatness" spotlight featured Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of 360i, the premier digital ad agency. Sarah talks about the importance of storytelling in today’s noisy marketplace and how she came up with a unique way to use bloggers to market her client’s products more effectively. 


We conclude the show with three practical tips to take inspiration and turn it into actual change in your life.


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In this episode, we discussed an invaluable lesson for success from Lebron James and the NBA finals with regards to focusing on the journey and not the destination. Our “In the News” segment covered the latest legal setback with Uber, new working hour rules for finance interns, the death of banking legend, Jimmy Lee and the keys to his unprecedented success. Our “Unlocking Greatness” spotlight featured Jamie Geller talking about dealing with criticism and finding joy in everything you do. We concluded our debate on whether it’s better to watch key moments in life or videotape them and we reviewed common misused expressions.

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In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie extracts lessons of how we can push ahead and win when we are the underdog based on LeBron James.  Charlie explains the concept of persistency from a neuroscience perspective and explains why you see this trait in smart people.  In a segment on happiness, Charlie spoke about Viktor Frankl and his book Man’s Search for Meaning. He discussed the meaning of happiness and meaning of purpose.  Also in this episode, “In the News with Michael Davis”, the “Unlocking Greatness" spotlight with Saul Blinkoff and the most commonly misused phrases you might be using. 

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On this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie discusses Chris Sacca's success through ‘knowing not believing’. In the innovation segment, Charlie discusses the difference between sympathy and empathy, he explains Richard Branson's lesson of the power of listening and the new four day work week. He speaks about handling the build up of tasks and how to handle your growing workload. Also in this episode, the different types of smiles and how to tell which predicts happiness, the things that successful people never reveal to their co-workers, “In the News With Michael Davis” and an excerpt from the “Unlocking Greatness” interview with Jason Gelber.


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On this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie breaks down different types of body language and explains the messages we say without using words based on our actions. He revisits the topic of emails and discusses how emails can be the #1 enemy of productivity and explains how cutting down your email time can save money. In a segment on innovation, Charlie talks about how writing your life down can help you identify areas you need to focus on and advise you on where you need to go. Also in this episode, “Unlocking Greatness” spotlight with Joel Mael, the Vice Chairman of the Miami Marlins, part two of Charlie's series on "Presentation Tools and Tips" based on the top TedTalks and “In the News with Michael Davis”.

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In this episode of the Boardroom, Charlie discusses how you can build a culture for your business as a leader. Charlie gives tips on marketing and on how to focus and be efficient based on a clip by Marcus Lemonis.  Also in this episode, how to use the “Dream the Plus One” strategy for your growth, “Presentation Tools and Tips” from the top TedTalks part one, “Unlocking Greatness” spotlight with David Tawil of Maglan Capital and “In the News With Michael Davis.”



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On this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie talks about trust and provides tips on how to trust people and explains how you can change the world with people you trust.  Using insights from leaders of the business world, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Larry Page, Charlie shared insights on the tools they use to be efficient and innovative. On the “Unlocking Greatness” spotlight, Charlie played a clip from his interview with Marc Bodner on Marc’s climb to the top of his business and shared a few key business techniques that can change your perspective and improve your relationships.  Also in this episode, “In the News with Michael Davis” and the 12 things confident people do better than anyone else.



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Is fear holding you back from trying something new or from being a great leader? On this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie explains the concept of risk-taking and gives ways to help you overcome your fear. With Mother's Day this Sunday, Charlie takes a deeper look at what makes moms great and extracts the lessons we can learn to improve our lives and businesses.  Also in this episode, new research on how to increase creativity and practical tips to trigger "ah ha" moments, "Unlocking Greatness" spotlight with Alan Weichselbaum and "In the News with Michael Davis" 

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This week on the Boardroom, Charlie discusses how success is journey not a destination and demonstrates how we can achieve success by examining the daily rituals of Slack, Jerry Seinfeld and Stephen King.  Charlie played an excerpt from his interview with entrepreneur and CEO Seth Farbman from the new podcast “Unlocking Greatness.” Also in this episode, Charlie’s own story about a family road trip and excitement for the journey of life and “In the News with Michael Davis”.


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This week on The Boardroom, Charlie explains how Israel is one of the best examples of how to achieve success and rise to the top, especially when you are afraid. Also on this episode of The Boardroom, a fresh look at an overlooked skill: writing.  Charlie explains the benefits of writing and how it can help your business and help you manage your employees.  Charlie played a sneak peak of his interview with CNBC’s Jake Novak from the new “Unlocking Greatness” podcast.  Plus, “In the News with Michael Davis”, the importance of laughter in the office and the personality traits of a great boss.


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Are you busy all day, but not generating results? In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie discusses when you need to take a vacation from being busy.  Charlie also reviews the concept of deliberate practice (DP) and much your talent and/or weaknesses play into your ultimate success.  Also in this episode, using the “Paper Clip Strategy” to change your habits, changing your work location to increase productivity and “In the News with Michael Davis.” 


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This week on The Boardroom, Charlie discusses Passover and how we can break free from what is holding us back and how the power of optimism can change everything. Still struggling with getting to sleep earlier? Charlie shares a great article and gives practical tips to try and sleep a little bit better. If you are not sure if you should stay in your current job or start your own business based on your passion, check out Charlie’s response to “How do I take my passion and turn it into my job?” a question from a listener.  Charlie answers the question with tips and advice on how to become an expert in your passion and take your business and life to the next level. 


Willie Hochman from The Joel Paul Group makes a guest appearance in the CEO Spotlight. Willie and Charlie discussed the non-profit world, how it has been changing over the years and how anyone looking for a job or looking to hire someone in the non-profit world should reach out to the Joel Paul Group for assistance. Also in this episode “In the News with Michael Davis” and business inspiration from Tony Tsieh CEO of Zappos.

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This week on The Boardman, Charlie discusses ‘March Madness’ and how we can apply many lessons to our businesses and lives. The quote: "The game isn't over until it is over," teaches us a powerful lesson of perseverance. 


Also in this episode of the Boardroom, “In the News with Michael Davis”, tips to win any argument, the power of patience and persistence and insights into the biggest productivity time wasters.


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In today's world, it seems as if no one can walk, stand or sit without being on a phone, computer or tablet. This week on The Boardroom, Charlie discusses the concept of solitude and thinking.  He mentions a quote from Thomas Edison and referenced a study from the University of Virginia that revealed that many people would rather be electrocuted than sit and think by themselves. 


We tend to measure success by how much money someone has, but in reality  we should measure success by how that person manages their time. Also in this episode, “In The News with Michael Davis” and insights into the Hilary Clinton email scandal and a look at the biggest time wasters at work.  Would you ever guess that people can waste 33 minutes a day scheduling meetings? 


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On this week's episode of The Boardroom, Charlie goes over some key principles that will help you improve your every day life all based around the concept of “Purpose”. Charlie explains how having a purpose makes everything much easier to accomplish and tells stories to help you understand the concept better and apply it to your life.


Also in this episode of The Boardroom, “In the News with Michael Davis”, understanding that “Haters don’t hate you. Haters hate themselves” and how Charlie’s friend Seth Farbman adjusted the common business term: “ABC” (always be closing) to “ABG” (always be giving) and why you should adapt "ABG" as well.

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How do you end your night? If you are laying in bed scrolling through your email, the latest research says that you need to make a change in your nighttime routine.  The screen of your smart phone emits protons that signal to your brain that is not time for bed. This affects the production of your natural hormones.  Over time, you will sleep less and less and while you might be misled into thinking you are being more productive, the toxins in your brain are not being cleansed (which normally happens when you sleep.)  In the next segment, Charlie examines the traits of perfectionists and how you have to push beyond your normal limits and keep producing, even if its not perfect. You could miss opportunities. 



Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and learn about how comfort is the obstacle to achieving your potential.  Learn how great people are never comfortable and by simply looking at what you are avoiding in your own life and shine the light on what you need to focus on to get to the next level.  

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We all love sounding smart, but you have to make sure that your message is communicated when you speak.  The use of your language is just as important as the value of your ideas. Most people think that by holding a grudge they are actually affecting the person who wronged them, but the latest research shows otherwise.  Charlie explains how the concept of forgiveness and letting go can be one of the most powerful tools in overcoming stress and quieting down your mind.  Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and more practical tips to help you be more innovative in your life.  

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The most important lesson that everyone should take from this year’s Super Bowl, sports fan or not, is “It’s never over until it’s over.”  Our series on Innovation continues with Part 4: Visualize the Solution. Charlie explains from a scientific perspective how using your imagination can fire off the same neurons in your brain as the experience does in reality. Applying this advice can help you in the business world take you from a 95 to a 100.  If you are a true “Type B” then we have might have the solution to one of your biggest issues…being late.  According to the latest research, it’s not “actually” your fault, its in your DNA (tell your parents/boss that one).   Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis”  and a deeper understanding of why is it so important to smile and how putting on a happy face doesn’t just make you more likable but it also make you healthier.

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In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie teaches how appreciating the problem presented to you and breaking down the elements of any issue can lead you to be more innovative.  Are you one of the 95% of people who say they have a hard time focusing?  Charlie provides some very simple and actionable steps you can apply right now to get your focus back. 

Also on this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and how to ask the right questions.

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If you find yourself driven by the need to please people and find yourself constantly worried about what others think about you, then this segment on how to stop caring about what others think was designed for you.  Join Charlie as he helps you understand what drives this behavior and the steps you can take to overcome this unproductive act.  Learn about the Pareto Principle (80/20 Law) and how you can accomplish more by redirecting the focus of your efforts. Also on this episode of the Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and how to balance being realistic with being imaginative.  The right balance of the two will help you break out of the box and start innovating.

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Negativity and anger are a very dangerous duo.  Mixing them with email can damage your reputation and job. As hard as it might be, you should never be negative on email.  Charlie explains how sending a “not so positive” email can lead to miscommunications and that picking up that phone can alleviate plenty of unnecessary harboring and festering over things.  Also on this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis”, hear the practical tips and tools to deal successfully with toxic people, how the concept of “subtraction” can lead you to being more innovative and the Tim Ferriss’s “Not To-Do List” - the nine habits you should stop if you want to increase your productivity.

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Do you procrastinate? Are you procrastinating something by listening to this podcast? In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie takes us through the reasons why we procrastinate, the steps to overcome it and a deeper understanding as to why you procrastinate at all so that you can move on and get even the hardest things done.  Do you consider yourself to be a happy person? In this segment, you will learn what happiness is, how it works and one small habit you that will increase your happiness on the spot. 



Also in this episode, “In the News with Michael Davis” and the most effective habits and routines that will help you see your body as a tool for productivity.


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In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie welcomes CNN Top 10 Heroes Finalist Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg from Kids Kicking Cancer. Rabbi Goldberg teaches everyone about the “secrets of breathing” and very simple techniques that can help you alleviate your stress. This Boardroom episode helps start off your year with insights to keep you growing. Also in this episode, “In the News with Michael Davis”, how to increase your productivity by rewarding yourself and why you should NEVER hit send on an email when you are upset.


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Many entrepreneurs abandon their ideas too quickly and unnecessarily. In this powerful interview with Marc Bodner, CEO of L&R Distributors, learn how focus and deepen what you already have and make sure you are really operating at 100%. Also in this episode of the Boardroom, “In The News With Michael Davis”, the power of giving and receiving advice, the importance of placing value over volume and an incredible lesson from Mark Zuckerberg.


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Are you waiting for the time to start your business? This episode of The Boardroom ends the wait.  Listen to Charlie’s lessons that will keep you on top of your game and move you ahead. Ever wonder how your habits compare to the habits of the world’s wealthiest people? Charlie reviews and explains the common trends and breaks them down to help you apply them to your life. Also on this episode of The Boardroom, “In the News with Michael Davis”, how to manage your employees’ schedules and the simple tip of “pretending you have it already” to move ahead in your personal growth.

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How can you be effective in your public relations efforts on a small budget? Charlie spoke with PR expert Jeff Siegel, CEO of Monarch Communications and got some “easy to apply” tips. Regardless of the size of your business, there are lessons to learn and apply from big companies, listen to this segment to get some ideas! Writing out your to-do list is only half of the battle, check out this segment for Charlie’s strategy to effectively review your list in order to move it forward. Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and how to reach your personal growth goals with the 1% rule.

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If you feel stuck in your career and/or have been putting off the idea of starting your own business based on your talents, this episode with Gi Orman, CEO of BIG Productions is a must listen. Hear about Gi’s path and how he created a successful business by following his gut. Also in this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie breaks down the rules and guidelines for running productive meetings, how increasing your sleep can lead to increased productivity and how being on time should be a priority. 

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What is one way non-profits can operate without for-profit resources? Join Charlie as he interviews Ben Pery, Executive Director of the JWRP, one of the fastest growing and most effective non-profits out there today. Listen to this episode of The Boardroom for one simple way leaders can increase efficiency when they communicate, why working in an open space doesn’t mean you can interrupt anyone at anytime and how a few degrees of adjustment can prevent a pain in your neck. 

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Think you can’t market on a limited budget? Issamar Ginzberg, renowned marketing expert explains how everyone can market in a smarter, more efficient way, despite their budget. In this interview, he talks with Charlie about following traditional and accepted marketing advice and how any company, regardless of their marketing budget, can differentiate themselves with these easy and useful tools. Are you looking to reward employees but feel stuck because of a small budget? Charlie shows you how to bypass that budget and reward your team. Plus phone faux pas and exercise discusses here at The Boardroom. Is your time on a small budget too? Do you think are too busy to exercise? Well, think again. Listen to this segment to understand how finding 20 minutes a day to exercise can increase your physical, mental and emotional health.


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How can you get your brand stand out amongst the rest? Meny Hoffman, CEO of PTex joins Charlie and explains how every person, brand and company must know their USP (unique selling point) in order to achieve maximum success. In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie explains the “Elevator Rule” and the value of holding back conversation when you do not know who else is in the elevator with you. Hear what successful people do at the end of the day and the practical ideas Charlie has for how you can apply them to your life.




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Always pause before you press send. You will thank Charlie for this tomorrow. Email has become the center of how the business world communicates and double checking your emails is a quick way to avoid making simple mistakes that will cause you demotion instead of promotion. Did you know that there are 31,680,000 millionaires and 1,426 billionaires in the world (based on the value of the dollar in 2013)? The majority of successful people wake up 3+ hours prior to the start of their workday. Think that doesn’t apply to you? Then you need to listen to this episode carefully in order to gradually adjust your schedule and increase your productivity. When it comes to productivity, telecommuters are doing it right. More people are using technology to work from home more than ever before. In this segment, Charlie tells you how to create the most efficient work space when you are out of the office.


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What is one thing that successful entrepreneurs do differently from others? They look for new ways to enhance products and companies. They do not stick with the status quo. In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie interviews Jason Gelber who reveals one of his secrets to success. If you still think it’s ok to gossip a little around the office, you must listen to Charlie as he explains why it’s best to hold back from gossiping and how the effects it can have on you personally and on your business. Many people focus on quantity and feel depleted when they do not accomplish their goals. Listen to this segment to redirect your efforts and to focus on quality, not the quantity, to get deeper results. Also in this episode of The Boardroom, “In The News with Michael Davis” and effective ways to follow-up with social media.


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What makes a leader? Listen to Charlie’s interview with Henry Kauftheil, Founder, Partner and Chairman of H3 & Co. as he discusses how he balances business and life and what he looks for when deciding whether or not to invest in a company. Also in this episode of The Boardroom, you will learn how creating routines can save mental energy (making you more efficient), hear Charlie’s insight into the importance of leaders admitting when they are wrong or made a mistake and why holding yourself back from interrupting someone is almost always the best move to make when you are in a conversation.  

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How do you motivate your team? Charlie Harary has management tips to keep your business going while empowering your employees at the same time. Noise is everywhere, but should we be the source? How does the noise we make effect our work? Ever have an awkward moment with a client or colleague when the bill comes? Who is supposed to pay for a business meal? Learn the “how-to’s” of hosting a meal. Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In The News with Michael Davis”, practical information for becoming an online networking authority and the hows and whys of our stress and how we can live more relieved. 

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Did you ever have that awkward first encounter and later thought of what you should have done? Well Charlie Harary is here to help. Today he talks about how we mentally associate with others and provides great tips that can be used in your daily interactions with anyone and everyone. In this episode, Elliot Lasson taught us the 4 p’s of Productivity: Prioritize, Prepare, Predict and Pace. Speaking of pacing and prioritizing, we have a segment on a strategy entrepreneurs can use to win the battle against their inbox.  Charlie speaks about how in today’s connected world, all business leaders need to be on top of their emails and that over crowded and never ending inbox.  Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and “How Leaders Can Engage their Employees.”



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Managing an office, team, or a family? In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie Harary discusses how to effectively schedule and plan your day with practical tips that will motivate your team to motivate themselves. Hear advice from successful leaders on how they accomplish everything in one day. Learn useful social media tips from expert Lance Laifer, get to the core of what is happening in the media with “In the News with Michael Davis” and discover the importance of sending thank you emails. It's a simple task that can make all of the difference in your work and personal relationships.  Let Charlie know what you think of this episode @charlieharary.


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